• BIT Company Production Line

    BIT Company Production Line

    WENZHOU BIT AUTOMOBILE PARTS CO., LTD Product Line in BIT BIT is specialized in brake parts for more than 10 years. We have our own R&D department to find more auto parts for some cars. We have some major products in ...
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  • What is Electronic parking brake?

    What is Electronic parking brake?

    What is Electronic parking brake? An electronic parking brake (EPB), also known as an electric park brake in North America, is an electronically controlled parking brake, whereby the driver activates the holding mechanism with a button and the brake pads are electrically applied to the rear wheel...
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  • Electric Park Brake (EPB)

    Electric Park Brake (EPB)

    BIT keeps on putting out its seal of quality in the Aftermarket thanks to its revolutionary Electric Park Brake (EPB) portfolio, which is in its fifth generation and covers several important platforms including Renault, Nissan, BMW and Ford. Initially launched in 2001, the BIT Electric Park Brake...
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  • Electric Parking Brake on the Way to Standard – New Trends

    Electric Parking Brake on the Way to Standard – New Trends

    The electric caliper brake includes a carrier to which a pair of pad plates are mounted, a caliper housing which is slidably mounted to the carrier and is provided with a cylinder containing a piston, a spindle unit including a screw which penetrates a rear portion of the cylinder and is configur...
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  • What are calipers good for?

    What are calipers good for?

    The brake caliper houses your car’s brake pads and pistons. Its job is to slow the car’s wheels by creating friction with the brake rotors. The brake caliper fits like a clamp on a wheel’s rotor to stop the wheel from turning when you step on the brakes. What happens when a brak...
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  • What is electronic brake caliper?

    Electric Park Brake (EPB) is a caliper with an additional motor (motor on caliper) that operates the parking brake. The EPB system is electronically controlled and consists of the EPB switch, the EPB caliper and the electronic control unit (ECU). The brake piston presses the brake pads onto the b...
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  • Brake Caliper Manufacturer

    Brake Caliper Manufacturer

    Brake calipers are important to your car’s braking performance. Installed to the vehicle axle housing, or steering knuckle, its function is to slow the speed of your car by generating friction against the rotors or brake discs. BIT produces custom brake calipers and small brake calipers for vario...
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